High School Distinction
Service and Leadership
Emily is an extraordinary young lady in every respect.  She is truly the whole package -- charm, wit, talent, intelligence and beauty.  And she's a real leader among the cast members.  She always brings energy, focus and skill to her work and that inspires everyone around her.  One of these days, I'll be in the crowd clamoring for her autograph and telling one and all I knew her back before she became famous

-- Bob Inman, Playwright
    December, 2006
Emily Hudson was born in 1992 in Hickory, NC.  She moved to Boulder, Colorado and became a member of the “Peanut Butter Players” theater company at age 5.  There she experienced her first taste of the stage and loved every second of it.  She lived in Boulder for three years, and then moved to Dallas, Texas where she signed with the Campbell Agency in their print and broadcast divisions at age 8. She was fortunate to work on independent films and many print and commercial campaigns for clients such as Nieman Marcus, Radio Shack, Hasbro Toys, JC Penny, Dillards, First Bank, Target, Jeep, ect.  Emily loves the creative process of film making and advertising.

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